Zhang Da Zhong Art

About the Painting

Birth of a New Spring

by Da Zhong Zhang

(Zhang Da Zhong, Zhang Dazhong, 张大中)

Zhang Da Zhong art of Birth of a new spring


Title: Birth of a New Spring

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 150 x 100 cm

Location: Hong Kong S.A.R., China 


Widely acclaimed as one of Zhang Da Zhong’s finest piece of works, Birth of a New Spring has graced the boardroom of a major financial institution and the lobby of a 5 Star hotel during a recent exhibition and is now once again available for lease or sale.


Inspiration and Style:

In the new millennium Zhang Da Zhong has become famous for his political art, particularly for painting a series of works featuring girls of the Red Guards.

During the time of Mao’s Cultural Revolution (1965-1968) women were encouraged not to be feminine but to be part of the homogeneous mass and be androgynous workers, to wear loose clothing and bow their heads to hide their natural curves.

Zhang Da Zhong – whose sister and female friends were members of the Red Guards at the time and subdue to this rigid policy – brought them back to life in a series of paintings intended to enhance the true femininity and feelings of these women in contrast with the combat environment.




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